the feeling of home.

home | noun. a place of belonging; a comforting environment that offers love, security, and happiness.

You know the feeling you get when you step through your front door after a long day, and all of the sudden feel at ease? Like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders? To me, that's the feeling of "home" and that is exactly what I felt when walking into the home of Jeana & Dom.

No detail overlooked or out of place. A simple, yet elegant, boho chic vibe from floor to ceiling. It was love at first site! And I expected nothing less- as the founder and sole creator @FloraCreative, Jeana is an artistic genius when it comes to details + decor.

This in-home, lifestyle session was one of my favorites! And soo incredibly easy to shoot- do you see the chemistry between these two?! It was literally radiating with every touch!

We did our best to utilize various parts of the home (family room, kitchen, bedroom) to give the photos & video some variation. Family snuggles on the couch with their fur-baby, Frankie, made my heart smile! Next- we did a quick outfit change and moved into the kitchen. Jeana + Dom had decided to make brownies using Grandma's secret recipe and it was just the best thing ever! So much laughter, so much love! We ended our session in the bedroom with some impromptu role playing (which was effortlessly flawless!).

home (noun). a place of belonging; a comforting environment that offers love, security, and happiness.


is to capture the raw, authentic moments of life as they unfold. There's no list of poses to follow, on the contrary, it's quite the opposite. Whether your family includes small children, grown children, fur-babies, or just the two of you- we'll preplan a session that includes "hands-on fun" for everyone.

Want some examples? For a family with older children; lets bake cookies, make some fresh squeezed lemonade, ice cream sundaes for everyone. Younger children; how about some snuggles while reading a book or playing with some blocks on the family room floor. Just the two of you? lets go for a walk, grab some coffee from the shop down the street, or just snuggle on the couch. The possibilities are endless & we're always up for an adventure. Have ideas? Bring them on, we'd love to hear them!