On your day, it's all about you

"I saw that you were perfect,
and so I loved you.
Then I saw that you were not perfect
and I loved you even more."

Angelita Lim

finding your perfect photographer/videographer is similar to finding the perfect shoe. Both must be dependable, able to accommodate, easily adjustable, and both should be able to radiate beauty wherever they wander. We are passionate about what we do. we are carlos + kait. a "soon-to-be" husband & wife team who love adventuring with down-to-earth couples (like us); capturing their unique love story as it's never seen before.

Our booking process is simple and user-friendly. Our top priorities include:client convenience and delivering timeless, organic photos + videos that will absolutely take your breath away. We are visual creatives who thrive on being different and thinking "no where near the box". Our methods may be unconventional, but trust + believe.. we deliver on our word every, single time.