high school graduation

A monumental accomplishment

that marks the start of something new: adulthood

We have 18 short years with our "children"; to love them, teach them, guide them, and occasionally spoil them rotten ;) As parents, we can only hope that we've set a good example; instilled solid morals & values to help our babies thrive on this wild adventure called life.

"Kid, you'll move mountains" -dr. suess

Let me start off with saying, we had big plans for this shoot! Ariana's mother and I discussed details beforehand, and came up with a solid plan of action that included 3 outfits & 3 locations. Our first stop, and one of my personal favs, Jefferson Patterson Park in Saint Leonard, MD. This park has acres upon acres of beauty, and I'd say we utilized all the very best parts. There's no doubt that we walked a mile that day, and mom (who was a Saint at 8 months pregnant) kept pace the entire way.

From there, we made a quick visit to Stillwater Farm in Huntingtown, MD to meet the sweetest horse, Rizzo for a little photo-op (a huge thanks to the Grandparents , Aunt, and Uncle who made this possible for us- You Rock!). At this point, about an hour before sunset, we were racing the clock. We made a mad dash to the high school soccer field where we met Dad & Ariana's two younger sisters who had heroically picked up and moved the soccer goal for us (down a hill, over a fence, and across a field) and centered it perfectly on the goal line (#mindblown). How amazing is this family?!

As the sun was setting on the horizon, and I snapped my final few photos, I was overcome with feelings of triumph and gratitude. We nailed it; I knew we did.

All thanks to the colossal family support, and a little pre-planning ;)