across the field & down a dirt road..

we stumbled upon a beautiful, sandy cove nestled snuggly on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, in Saint Leonard, Maryland. the amazingly gorgeous Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum is home to acres and acres of nature's beauty, and this secluded little spot surely did not disappoint.

our clients today: a perfect little family of four; mom, dad, big brother (14), and baby sister (2). now anyone with a toddler knows that "sitting & smiling" is a hard task to achieve depending on the time of day. well, big brother was a real MVP- catering to his little sister's needs & wants, he huge help to us all! once that little girl's tiny toes hit the sand, all bets were off.. it was like, "the waves were calling, and she had to go".. we learned early on that the kids are really in charge of how the photos will turn out, so let the 2 year old run the show ;) after countless walks up and down the shoreline (all of which were precious from beginning to end), we followed baby girls lead & found the perfect spot to build a sand castle.

she was happy, we were happy, they were happy.. & all was well.