the official introduction


Friday, April 22nd, 2022 . Mechanicsville, Maryland

The idea of a LifeStyle Session

is to capture the raw, authentic moments in life as they unfold. There's no list of posed, cookie cutter photos to follow and no pressure to make sure everyone is looking at the camera and smiling- on the contrary, it's quite the opposite. Whether your family includes small children, fur-babies, or just the two of you, we'll preplan a session of hands-on fun for everyone involved.

Want some examples? For a family with older children; lets bake cookies, make some fresh squeezed lemonade, ice cream sundaes for everyone. Younger children; how about some snuggles while reading a book or playing with some blocks on the family room floor. Just the two of you? lets go for a walk, grab some coffee from the shop down the street, or just snuggle on the couch. The possibilities are endless & we're always up for an adventure. Have ideas? Bring them on, we'd love to hear them!

Meet the Osborne family.

It's hard to find a good place to start- this family is utterly amazing in every way-

Let's start with a little back story. A few weeks back, Paige reached out to us to book a Spring Mini session for their growing family. We did capture some adorable moments, but unfortunately the forecasted high for the day was maybe 42 degrees and our setup was outdoors. They were totally rockstars and stuck it for the entire 20 minute session, but we eventually came to a group consensus to call it quits. I knew we had captured some good photos, but I just wasn't feeling fulfilled. I suggested that we try again, and this time we'd come to them.

The Pre-Planning. Paige & I coordinated via text over the next couple of weeks, discussing everything from room decor to outfit coordination. As we exchanged ideas and suggestions, the excitement quickly grew. We determined which rooms we were going to utilize for photos and paid special attention to the flow of the natural light. I offered a handful of session time options and we ultimately planned the session around baby Greyson's nap-time; genius move!

Its Photo Day. Our session was on the calendar for 11:30am; strategically scheduled with Baby Greyson's nap-time in mind.

So we had precisely 90 minutes to evoke & capture all the wonderfulness. Ready, Set, Go! First stop, the family room. We positioned the family comfortably between the floor & the couch, where the natural light highlighted them perfectly, and the laughter began to erupt instantaneously. At nearly 5 months old, Baby Greyson was the star of the shoot- I've never met a sweeter, happier baby boy in all my days! We went from the family room, to the nursery, and ended so sweetly with some snuggles in the master suite. The naturalness and simplicity of this session was like a dream- we flowed effortlessly from room to room, capturing all that was organic & pure. After it was all said and done, the feeling of satisfaction spread throughout. Like I mentioned in the beginning, this family was absolutely amazing- in every way!

from the client's perspective

- the Osbornes -

Avail Visuals came to our home and blew our expectations out of the water with our life style shoot. Usually with any photo shoot we do, I’m ALWAYS stressed about outfits, hair, makeup and getting out of the house on time to make it to location - ESPECIALLY with a new baby. NOT this time!!! This shoot being in our home brought me so much peace of mind and comfort. I knew that if I needed an outfit change or didn’t feel comfortable, I could just jump back into my closet for a quick outfit change. Baby spitting up on his perfect outfit?! No problem - we have a dryer right here!!!! We were all so comfortable being in our own environment each of us were able to truly be in our element. We spent so much time laughing, it felt like another day hanging out at the house with beautiful pictures in the end. I absolutely LOVED the ease and low stress of this shoot and can’t wait to do more as our family grows! 

session facts & pricing


What is a lifestyle session?

this photo session takes place in the comfort of your own home. the idea is to capture your family in their element, capturing life as it happens. we will be on the sidelines offering motivation, guidance and some slight direction when needed. pre-planning is key when it comes to coordinating the details, big & small. we'll discuss client visions, their end game goal, and how we can help achieve it all.

How do we prepare for an in-home session?

overall, we're aiming for authenticity, so please don't over think it. in terms of locations, we will predetermine 1-2 rooms to utilize for our shoot. as for outfits, we're here to lend guidance and assistance with coordination offering color palette and pattern guides.

Pricing + Booking

here's the breakdown. our traditional in-home lifestyle session starts at $340 and includes 60 minutes of shoot time & 40 digital image files uploaded to your personalized gallery. additional shoot time and digital images can be added on.

Photo Delivery.

this is where the real excitement begins! at this point, i'm usually so excited that I can barely contain myself. sneak-peaks will traditionally arrive 24 to 48 hours after session completion; average delivery time for your completed gallery is about 5 to 7 days.

Who can book a Lifestyle session?

these sessions are for anyone- a family, a couple with fur babies, or the home blogger DIY-er; literally everyone! ultimately, this session is to document real life & real moments- so whatever that looks like in your vision, let's talk details!

Does the session have to be indoors?

absolutely not. if you'd rather have room to roam and run free, then outdoors we shall be. this is your session, so let's make it authentic all the way around. our goal is to capture you and the family in their element, in action, and just doing life.


Are you ready to plan your in-home lifestyle session? Let's do it together!

for planning purposes, what area are you located in?

introduce yourself. tell us how many people will be present for your session, include names and ages of the children and any pets and be sure to mention any session ideas/activities you'd like to include :)